Acne Removal Serum Salicylic Acid Anti-Acne Repair Fade Acne Spots Pimple Oil Control Cream Whitening Moisturizing Care

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Specifications: 0.5floz/15ml
Effects: Formulated with the mild formula, rich in a variety of oligopeptides and plant extracts, refreshing but not greasy, and it can be absorbed quickly.Continue to use for 7-14 days, it will effectively treat and remove the acne, help eliminate the skin damage, shrink pores, improve roughness caused by acne, and soothe the skin.
Shelf Life: 3 years

How to Use:

After cleansing, apply 3-5 drops on your palm and apply the original liquid on your face (acne or pimple area), gently massage until it is absorbed.It is recommended to use it twice a day every morning and evening.
The cycle is 28 days. For severe acne, it is recommended to use this product for 2 cycles.

Additional information


Acne Treatment





Item Type

Face Serum


Salicylic Acid.Niacinamide.Arbutin


Effectively treat and remove the acne

Suitable Age

Any age

Expiration Date

3 years

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34 Reviews For This Product

  1. 34

    by B***c

    I arrive very well packaged,, fast shipping thank you seller, I am not used yet,, but I hope this is the best one❤

  2. 34

    by i***v

    I got this delivered super fast!I think I will always use this product.It was a very similar formula. this tube is 0.5 oz but a little goes a long way.

  3. 34

    by t***i

    Soooo I started getting hormonal acne about 2 years ago on my cheeks and chin and I’ve had just about enough lol. That’s why I decided to give this serum a try. I have been using it for about 1 week now and can already see the difference. I feel like it may ACTUALLY work! Now I will say this, the first few days are painful. 1st day was cool, no side effects. But the 2nd- 4th day felt like I had a sunburn on my face! I could barley smile. My skin is also dryer than a motha sucka!! I HIGHLY recommend getting a facial moisturizer to go with this product. I actually insist on a moisturizer. I personally use the CeraVe Moisturizing Cream as I have sensitive skin. You will want to gradually introduce your skin to it. Apply a light layer of Differin after you shower once your skin is dry for the first few days. Once applied, wait about 20 minutes to apply your facial moisturizer. So far I haven’t experienced the “purge” of it and hopefully that doesn’t change!

  4. 34

    by v***r

    I’ve been using it for a little over 1 week now and it has cleared all my active pimples and prevented new ones from popping up. I still have acne scars that will take longer to clear but so far so good! It will dry your face so I recommend using a hydrating night cream or lotion after use. I tried proactive and proactive md and neither have worked as well as this product has in a shorter amount of time.

  5. 34

    by a***v

    The package arrived soon!!! The package is intact and I will use it for a while. It has no smell, I like it very much.

  6. 34

    by Shopper

    I have cystic acne and I have tried so many different things, from the dermatologist to DIY’s and this stuff by far has been the most effective. I had some stubborn acne that just would not go away. used this cream, The picture above was just 1 week difference. It’s now been 3 weeks and my skin looks so much better.

  7. 34

    by Shopper

    So I have a lot of acne scars from hormonal acne and they made me pretty self conscious. A friend recommended this product to me and I can really see a difference! I just finished my first bottle and I’m honestly impressed. In the photos, the photo on the left is the “before” and the one on the right is the “after.” You can tell that my scars are so much lighter in color now !!

  8. 34

    by Shopper

    This serum is very nicely formulated. It has no weird chemical smell. It’s very thin and lightweight, making it easy to absorb and easy to layer. It’s not drying and hydrating, just as it claims. Very effective for mild to moderate acne breakouts. Recommend!!!

  9. 34

    by Shopper

    LANBENA Acne Removal Serum has completely changed my skin. I had severe acne scars as well as discoloration, in addition to chronic cystic acne. I am so thankful to have found this product and recommend them enough.

  10. 34

    by Shopper

    In just 2 weeks, this product cleared up my skin. It improved texture and overall just made me skin feel so much better. Can not recommend this product enough.

  11. 34

    by Shopper

    I bought this for my teenage son after trying many other products without success. I am so happy for him that he is finally getting results. This pic shows improvement after only 1 week of use. Very pleased!

  12. 34

    by Shopper

    Having to wear masks all day long DESTROYED my skin. Just when I had my life together and my skin under control a global pandemic swooped in and destroyed my face. I have always used this serum but after these break outs started I knew I needed to up my game. Boy am I glad I did! I was in differin wayyyyy back in high school and I don’t remember it being so good for my skin. I guess the needs of my skin have changed in my adult years. But here we are in love with differin!

  13. 34

    by Shopper

  14. 34

    by Shopper

    Orders are received fairly quickly. I can confirm that it works very well. I have never seen my face so radiant. I recommend it is very good.

  15. 34

    by Shopper

    I don’t know what kind of magic this is. I just use it every morning and night, and depending on the severity, the pimples either disappear completely or decrease significantly. This product is amazing and I recommend it to everyone.

  16. 34

    by Shopper

    Great, you can actually feel it really works! ! ! This really keeps acne away from me and I finally found a product that I will love forever! ! ! On my far right is the day I started using the product, then on the left Day 3, then Day 5, then on the far left is Day 7! This is a miracle! ! !

  17. 34

    by Shopper

    Here are my photos from two months before and after. I often prick my acne. Consistent twice a day without touching or puncturing my pimples, then I get great results.

  18. 34

    by Shopper

  19. 34

    by Shopper

    I use it on my face for acne scars, discoloration and sun damage from years. It’s very easy to use and effective. It helped me become more confident.

  20. 34

    by T***H

    Term up to 2024

  21. 34

    by a***a

    I’m fast.

  22. 34

    by Shopper

    Very good remedy. In 2 weeks it became much less on the face of acne. Thank you seller. I also ordered a mask of the same manufacturer. Recommend!!

  23. 34

    by V***n

    Delivery was a month, everything is whole. What will the result be unwritten later.

  24. 34

    by R***s

    Came well seller responsible thank you

  25. 34

    by A***e

    It took my assessment because first wanted to try and confess that the product is super good and recommend, it does exactly what come in description. Very light, to apply on face is absorbed quickly. Just loved. Arrived in less time.

  26. 34

    by d***o

    The product came in perfect condition I will try to see if it really works

  27. 34

    by t***g

    Received quickly small bottles! Fortunately I bought 2 .. By cons do not try yet! I will give another opinion after the test

  28. 34

    by a***r

  29. 34

    by V***a

    Long went, but the consistency is pleasant, we will try

  30. 34

    by I***G

    Пятёрочка авансом. За быструю отправку и хорошую упаковку. Ещё не пользовалась

  31. 34

    by Y***s

    Half of the bottle and transparent ‍♀️

  32. 34

    by D***g

    I will leave a comment after using

  33. 34

    by R***y

  34. 34

    by J***r

    Smells great like flowers and feels cool and fresh as it dries. Only have to use a little to great effect. Definite worth trying for your skin.

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Acne Removal Serum Salicylic Acid Anti-Acne Repair Fade Acne Spots Pimple Oil Control Cream Whitening Moisturizing Care 1

Acne Removal Serum Salicylic Acid Anti-Acne Repair Fade Acne Spots Pimple Oil Control Cream Whitening Moisturizing Care

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