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Name:Six Peptide Youth Freeze Serum

Net Wt: 0.53fl.oz/15ml


Brighten skin ton Firming skin

Product Features:

Contains multiple skin nourishing ingredients, gentle and soft texture, providing sufficient moisture and nutrition to the skin, improving dryness and water shortage, helping to brighten skin, nourish and moisturize,It has the functions of brightening skin tone, nourishing and moisturizing, resisting fine lines, lifting and tightening, delaying skin aging, softening anti-aging, soothing and moisturizing;in addition, it can replenish the energy needed by the skin to make your skin look youthful and radiant.



Usage Method:

1.After facial cleansing, to appropriate drops on the palm, evenly smear the face, neck, focus on massaging the problem skin parts, until absorption.
2.It is recommended to use it once in the morning and evening.

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Face Serum

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41 Reviews For This Product

  1. 41

    by L***a

    For the first time I ordered it, based on the cream. Immediately ordered another mother and sister. Let’s see what the opinion will form. Later I will add a review.

  2. 41

    by G***d

    Thank you very much.

  3. 41

    by Shopper

    Peptides are highly active substances of natural or artificial type, composed of a chain of fragments of amino acids residues. The main functions of nano peptides are:
    Moisturizing, strengthening and rejuvenating the skin of the face, sealing its structure, tightening the contours.
    Reduce sluggish and flattening skin, which reduces the number of small wrinkles.
    Positive effect on the activity of sebaceous glands, which reduces the manifestations of acne and “erasure” their traces on the skin.
    Stimulation of natural collagen and hyaluronic acid.

  4. 41

    by D***a

    For a long time I order in this store. Shipping fast.
    The quality of the goods is good. Shelf life is normal.
    Packed well. And most importantly, I see the result.
    I take this tool not for the first time.
    I like it very much. Yes and cheaper than in my city in ordinary stores

  5. 41

    by T***k

    Suitable for care of dry and tired skin, and also indispensable for care of mature and fading skin.
    With regular application, it supports skin vitality and returns radiance.
    Skin type: for any skin, especially dry and tired, prone to pigmentation.
    Method of application: On cleansed skin, after the tonic in the morning or evening, apply the liquid with light, massage movements.

  6. 41

    by B***a

    Serum “six peptides of youth”
    15 ml

    Contains several nourishing components, has a pleasant gentle and soft texture, providing sufficient hydration and nutrition to the skin, eliminates dryness and absence of water in the skin thanks to this, the skin will become lighter for a couple of tones. Provides lifting effect and suspenders, slows down skin aging, replenishes the missing elements so that your skin looks young and radiant.

  7. 41

    by K***a

    I liked this product, quickly absorbed and does not leave stickiness. The skin does not fat for a long time. I have it combined. The effect of moisturizing, slightly leveling the skin tone. I put the serum in the morning, after washing. The consumption is mizerny, a couple of drops at a time. Consistency water-gel. There’s almost no smell. Convenient application with a dropper. The box was mica-free. All information is on the package.

  8. 41

    by Shopper

    Very cool serum. Well moisturizes the skin of the face. Recommend❤& Middot;

  9. 41

    by Shopper

    Serum is transparent, easily absorbed and moisturizes well. About other properties I can not say, because I use a lot of things. Unpleasant effects did not notice. I use under the cream for the night. I like it.
    A bottle of glass, a dropper too.
    Shelf life 3 years (until January 2024).
    The packing is excellent, stocked with saliva.

  10. 41

    by f***r

    All as a salesman and says, packing fire

  11. 41

    by A***a

    Excellent serum, thick. Perfectly moisturizes and nourishes the skin. Perfectly distributed and quickly absorbed does not leave a greasy shine on the face. After application, the skin becomes soft and pleasant to the touch. Allergies and irritation did not cause. The parcel came quickly in 2 weeks, the track number was tracked.

  12. 41

    by m***m

    In the description everything is clear and clear. The goods came very, very quickly. The packaging is whole, in addition, and the gift was, very cute. On application, the light texture, quickly absorbed, remains slightly, almost invisible, sticky layer. How much will smooth or tighten, while it is difficult to say, I will add information after some time of use.

  13. 41

    by v***y

    Serum for the face with a delicate structure, which moisturizes the skin well. Improves skin color, makes it more smooth. I was 100%. Apply on a clean face a couple of drops and rub, especially on problem areas. I recommend this product and store. Packed with mica, nothing was damaged during transport, the shelf life is normal. The seller put as a gift a sample of the cream.

  14. 41

    by L***k

    Сыворотка упакована в прозрачную стеклянную бутылочку с пипеткой и коробочку. Вес: 15 мл. Предназначена для увлажнения, питания и осветления кожи лица. Содержит гиалуроновую кислоту, экстракт секреции улитки, экстракты алоэ и цветка камелии японской. Средство имеет приятный и ненавязчивый аромат. Легко наносится и хорошо впитывается. Использовать утром и вечером. Хорошего настроения и красивых покупок!

  15. 41

    by K***a

    The serum is cool. The consistency is a little dense, not water. It is distributed evenly on the skin. Do not fat, Shine does not leave, it is well absorbed. Practically no smell. Perfectly moisturizes the skin, aligns the complexion, slightly whitens. I like it very much.

  16. 41

    by M***n

    Serum for face with peptides and collagen. Moisturizes the skin of the face, making it smooth and elastic. Removes wrinkles. Very convenient to use.

  17. 41

    by t***a

    Collagen Serum for face with hyaluronic acid.
    Serum is transparent, without much aroma, thick.
    Well moisturizes the skin and slightly aligns the tone of the face and smoothes shallow mimic wrinkles.
    The product is easy to use-apply with a dropper on the face, rub with massage movements. I use before bedtime, it is good to use after a bath, on parboiled skin.

    The parcel was delivered to Ukraine in two weeks by mail, was well packed.
    The seller was always in touch, politely answering all questions.

    # Care _ for body # cosmetics

  18. 41

    by A***v

    The delivery was with Moscow by the 5post, so they managed to put my head in one of the points of the shops magnet in the opposite end of the city, to, office, short.

  19. 41

    by Shopper

    Everything is fine, with gifts! Thank you!

  20. 41

    by M***a

    Отличная Коллагеновая сыворотка для лица на основе гиалуроновой кислоты для предотвращения морщин. Нежная текстура сыворотки устраняет сухость кожи, обеспечивая её увлажнение и питание. Обладает лифтинговым эффектом, замедляя процесс старения. Позволяет коже выглядеть молодой и сияющей. Средство рекомендуется использовать 2 раза в день утром и вечером. Способ применения очень прост: на сухую и предварительно очищенную кожу лица и шеи массажными движениями наносим сыворотку по капельке, равномерно распределяя, до впитывания, не смываем.

  21. 41

    by L***a

    Very cool

  22. 41

    by K***n

    I love serum. I like this one very much. Pleasant, does not smell, thick. Well moisturizes the face. I put in the evening on clean skin and get pleasure)) on the morning the face breathes with health!

  23. 41

    by K***a

    Excellent serum “six peptides of youth”. I take it constantly, I like the effect after application, the result is really visible after a couple of weeks of application. The serum moisturizes the skin well, nourishes it and eliminates dryness. The effect of skin lightening is visible after a week of application. I also like that it narrows the pores well and aligns the tone of the skin. I usually put it in the morning, There are a few drops on the whole face. The serum is finished thick, the drop holds. the smell almost does not have. it is absorbed very quickly, without a sticky or greasy finish.

  24. 41

    by D***f

    I get well packed, hope it works

  25. 41

    by A***v

    I like to use it. The effect is. I apply the serum to cleansed skin in the morning and evening. A few drops of serum I distribute over my face, I let you soak and put on the cream. The serum has an oily consistency, transparent color, odorless. My skin likes, moisturizes well, there is no feeling of tightness, perfectly tightens the skin, small wrinkles become less noticeable.

  26. 41

    by Y***h

    Serum for the face.
    The serum is located in a glass jar (15 ml.) with a dropper. Was packed in a cardboard box, on which there is all the necessary information: composition, method of application and shelf life.
    The consistency is very liquid, enough a couple of drops for the entire face. Easily and quickly absorbed. Apply serum to cleansed skin.
    I use it for about a week every day before bedtime, the impressions remained good, the pores on the face became less pronounced, the skin became soft, velvety and elastic. I like the effect. I recommend to try!

  27. 41

    by V***a

    Cosmetics bomb, for such a price there are no questions at all, I have been using it for a week, the result is, the skin has become soft, elastic and slightly lighter,,,

  28. 41

    by A***a

    Delivery fast, track tracked. Packing in air film, box, individual packing. The timing is good.
    Serum is light, liquid is absorbed quickly, stickiness does not leave. I put it under makeup or immediately after washing. In both cases, it gives a good effect of moisturizing.

  29. 41

    by C***a

    Сыворотка крутая, она без запаха и без красителей. Для кожи нежна, наношу её на ночь. Кожа утром нежная и отдохнувшая. Мне нравится ощущение мягкости и ухоженности. Рекомендую!

  30. 41

    by A***S

    Хорошая сыворотка,брала маме,есть лифтинг эффект. Отлично увлажняет, питает, осветляет кожу лица. Рекомендую!

  31. 41

    by i***r

    Colagennew serum for the face. Well moisturizes and whitens. Helps reduce wrinkles. Quickly absorbed, and leaves no traces. The goods are worth their money

  32. 41

    by 7***r

    Delivery is very fast, packed well, not yet used, after adding a review

  33. 41

    by И***а

    The skin after application becomes tender, smooth, moisturized.
    An excellent tool for daily use, miracles does not create, but well supports the appearance of the skin.

  34. 41

    by E***a

    Основные направления действия сыворотки: обладает нежной и мягкой текстурой, обеспечивая достаточное увлажнение и питание кожи, уменьшая сухость кожи и восполняя жидкость, оказывает осветляющее воздействие, замедляет старение кожи, успокаивающее воздействие. Кроме того,помогает восполнять энергию, необходимую коже, чтобы ваша кожа выглядела молодой и сияющей. Сыворотка обладает легкой водообразной текстурой, очень легко и быстро впитывается, жирности и липкости на коже не оставляет. По цвету совершенно прозрачная, аромата никакого нет. Мне подошла сыворотка отлично, аллергической реакции не вызвала.

  35. 41

    by H***a

    can’t see its results yet…. but feels nice on face

  36. 41

    by 7***r

    The goods came. Got a courier. All is Well) so far I have not tried))

  37. 41

    by g***r

    I just did not try it yet. Shipping fast. Thank you Pro. davtsu

  38. 41

    by m***y

    Looking forward to trying this product thank you
    and thank you for the wonderful service…Regards Mary Hartley

  39. 41

    by A***h

    Serum for the face from fair king official store.
    Serum came to Belarus in 25 days. It was packed in a branded box sealed in mica. On the box there is all the information about the product and shelf life.
    The serum itself is in a glass bottle of 15 ml. Serum of transparent color, in consistency, like water.
    I put a couple drops on my face and distribute it. Absorbed instantly! After application, the skin is moisturized and becomes tender and smooth.
    I liked the serum. This serum is pleasant to use, has a pleasant aroma, it is easy to apply and is well absorbed.

  40. 41

    by J***o

    Won in almost free, received at the cash desk in five, applied the serum once, moisturizes well

  41. 41

    by I***d

    Came to me a cream and put a gift. Thanks)))

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Face Cream Hyaluronic Acid Whitening Cream Facial Skin Care Anti Aging Moisturizer Face Retinol

Face Cream Hyaluronic Acid Whitening Cream Facial Skin Care Anti Aging Moisturizer Face Retinol