Heated Insoles Electric Pads Winter Foot


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Small size, light weight and easy to use.
It emits far infrared rays and is good for the human body.
It can be driven by low voltage and is safe and reliable.
High conversion efficiency, energy saving, and an average of one hour of electricity.
Soft and comfortable, it can’t be felt without heating.
Removable design for easy cleaning.
USB charger, connected to PC, laptop, charger, keeps the room warm.

Material: Soft Lint
Color: Dark Brown
Optional Size:35-36(Length 23cm/9.1in), 37-38(Length 24cm/9.4in), 39-40(Length 25cm/9.8in), 41-42(Length 26cm/10.2in), 43-44(Length 27cm/10.6in)
Qty: 1Pair

Package Includes:

1 Pair x Shoe Insoles
1 x USB Cable