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▶Functions: It is mild and soothing. It can condition the balance of moisture and oil of skin, relieve pores and give you firm, fine and soft skin.

★ Product Information

▶Product Name:Lactobionic Acid Pores Shrinkage Serum
▶Ingredients:witchhazel, lactobionic acid, forsythin, Aloe vera, oat kernel, ceramide, glycerinum, sodium hyaluronate, xanthan gum, B-glucan

★The basic reason is due to clogged pores.

▶Grease piles and can easily form closed acne
▶Coarse large pores Blackheads and white heads appear
▶Oily face
▶Keratin piles
▶Coarse and large pores
▶Closed acne

★Natural filter never fears distance

▶Shrink fine pores
clean clogged rubbish and shrink pores
▶Soften and remove blackheads and whiteheads
Clear closed acne
▶Mildly remove cutin
Relieve coarse skin and improve the degree of smoothness
▶Repair damaged skin
Skin has the sense of soft and lustrous filter

★Smartly remove cutin and refuse violence

Equaling to the first and the second generation of tartaric acid, the nature of milder. During the repeated experiment, it has tested that the stimulation degree of the product is very close to the one of normal saline (NS). It is mild and effective.
▶Smart identification
Identifying intellectually aged cutin. It can let aged cutin fall automatically and promote rebirth.
▶Clear blackheads
Clear blackheads in pores and other dirt and improve the rebirth of collagen on the dermis
▶Shrinkage pores
It can help with the rebirth of hyaluronic acid and collagen and pores will be firm and fine.

★Select ingredients caring pores and strengthen repair

▶Compound ingredients — B – glucan
It can improve the repair strength, toughen the cutin layer, refine pore and relieve blackheads and white heads.
It can effectively condition the balance of moisture and oil, shrink pores, nourish skin. It can repair coarse and dry skin.
It can effectively lock moisture inside skin, resist stimulation from outside, relieve fragile and sensitive skin and repair grease layer.

★Clear pore and say farewell to coarse pores

▶Pores shrinkage water
Shrink quickly and deeply repair
▶Dropper design
It is clean and convenient. And the usage amount can be easily controlled.
▶Refreshing and firm
With watery and nourishing texture, it is refreshing and easily absorbed.

★Multiple matches double the effect

▶Matching the cream
Matching the lotion or cream, add in a drop of cream or lotion and apply it.
▶Apply directly
After cleaning and applying the toner, take 2 or 3 drips and apply it evenly. Massage till it is absorbed.
▶Wet application
Take appropriate amount of essence and soak the makeup cotton. Spread it onto the face and apply for 2 to 3 minutes. It can firm and moisturize skin.

★Sharing application technique

▶STEP 1:Clean face in the morning and in the evening. After applying the toner, take appropriate amount of serum onto palm.
▶STEP 2:Apply it onto the face, forehead, nose and the chain in the manner of dotting.
▶STEP 3:Softly and evenly spread the product along the texture of skin. Massage till it is absorbed.

▶Product details

▶With the water and milky texture and transparent stoste
▶it can make skin comfortable and is easily absorbed by skin.

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Item Type

Face Serum


Witchhazel, Ceramide, lactobionic acid

Expiration Date

3 Years, Clear pore and say farewell to coarse pores

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21 Reviews For This Product

  1. 21

    by Shopper

    Great product! Really minimizes my pores, as you can see in my before and after photos. Also, I really like how this one doesn’t make my concealer and foundation powdery. This product doesn’t give me break outs, and doesn’t feel greasy which I love. Also, the price is so adorable.I would totally recommend anyone give this a try.

  2. 21

    by Shopper

    As it says, you just need to stick to it to smooth your face and make you look like baby-like skin. This is a photo without foundation or anything

  3. 21

    by w***r

    I have been using it for a while. I am in my fifties and I have some wrinkles and enlarged pores. This has indeed improved my pores, now they look a lot less than before.

  4. 21

    by t***r

    This stuff is amazing at smoothing out pores however I recommend only applying it to where you actually have pore issues (for me this is my nose and chin), with a moisturizing skin care product, the effect will be better .

  5. 21

    by S***d

    Here’s the before and after photo!The correct picture is that after I use the pore shrinking serum, the effect can be clearly seen.

  6. 21

    by a***r

    This is the third time I have bought this. I have been taught to take care of my skin since I was a child, so I know a little bit about skin and dermatology. Most women will only buy any products sold in stores for women, but most of these products are very demanding and I do look at the ingredients first. To make a long story short, no matter who you are, this is a magical product for large pores. Although these ingredients are basic, they are amazing for the skin. Many products cannot match this product and how good it makes your pore skin feel. I swear this thing is great.

  7. 21

    by L***k

    Serum is designed for nutrition, strengthening and moisturizing the skin of the face. Easy to apply and well absorbed. Has a pleasant and unobtrusive aroma. Contains lactobionic acid.
    The product should be applied to cleansed skin and evenly distributed.
    The serum is packed in a plastic bottle with a dropper. This is very convenient, as the consistency liquid. A bottle is placed in a box on which information about the product is indicated. Weight: 37 ml. Shelf life: 3 years.

  8. 21

    by I***o

    I ordered this product, knowing that it can shrink pores, so I hope it can remove some local pores on my face and some of my daughter’s skin in preparation for an upcoming event. I ordered this and it seems to suit my medium skin, I am sure I will repurchase it and I would definitely recommend it too.

  9. 21

    by A***a

    This is my recent skin condition. I really want to share it with you. I am so satisfied with my skin now, my pores have shrunk and my skin has become smooth, so I would recommend it to you, go buy it! !

  10. 21

    by R***v

    From the previous photos, it can be seen that my skin condition is very bad, not only the pores are large, but even a bit dry, since using this pore shrinking product, the skin condition is perfect, clear and smooth, I like it very much, thank the seller ,highly recommended.

  11. 21

    by a***r

    I really like the product. It is light and easy to absorb on the skin. I use it every night. I wait for ten minutes to let it absorb enough. It works well for me. It only takes 2 weeks. You can see from the photo. To show my skin effect and my satisfaction with this product, I regret not having the previous photos as a comparison, but I will continue to use it, and I will review it next time.

  12. 21

    by D***v

    This thing is some kind of magic! Glad I bought it. I have the opportunity to buy online, and now my money is not wasted! This is a great investment, you only need a little product, so this will last a long time! Great product, highly recommended!

  13. 21

    by N***v

    Great product. After using it for a while, it makes my skin so delicate and shiny. I will always use it to improve my pores. My skin looks the same as 10 years ago. I am proud of the appearance of my skin. It is skin-friendly, and only a person’s skin can look perfect. Try it.

  14. 21

    by E***a

    I like these serums, they help tighten my pores, reduce acne scars, and make my face look bright! The product is exactly the same as the description and photos. It is quickly absorbed without leaving any sticky residue and excessive gloss. Thank you seller, highly recommended!

  15. 21

    by a***r

    Well, I started using this serum for about a week. It is really good for my skin with sensitive and large pores. I usually use it when my face is a little wet after taking a shower. I can feel that the penetration of hyaluronic acid is very fast and the skin is not greasy. I really like it. ! So I would still recommend it!

  16. 21

    by M***n

    These pores often make me uneasy about their appearance, consumption is super economical, it absorbs very well, I like it, and I am very grateful to the seller for providing good low-cost products and delivery.

  17. 21

    by T***y

    I am a believer! I have combination skin, dry cheeks, dry chin and chin area. I recently noticed that enlarged pores (especially when applying makeup) make acne worse. After using this product, I think there is great hope for shrinking pores, it is really effective!

  18. 21

    by a***r

    Love this product! I am a 100% permanent customer! I am almost 30 years old and need a good skin care regimen because I have never had it before. I can’t believe my result! It not only takes away all the large pores, but also reverses some sun damage! My photos before and after were taken under the same lighting/same area of my bathroom without filters. I am very satisfied! ! ! ! !

  19. 21

    by O***n

    The serum came, even had time to try! I still stand noticed some effect, but the skin does not tighten and does not fat! No smell.

  20. 21

    by N***a

    The 30-year-old man is here. I use this pore shrinking product every morning and afternoon and I am very satisfied with the results so far. My skin is more sensitive and I have no complaints about irritation. This essence absorbs very quickly, leaving the skin very soft and a little moisturized. Basically I include it in my usual skin care routine, so I want to share a set of pictures, it works for me!

  21. 21

    by N***m

    The parcel arrived on time. Packed in a box, on top of the cellophane. I have not used it yet.

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Lactobionic Acid Pore Shrink Face Serum Hyaluronic Acid Moisturizing Nourish Essence Firming Brighten Korean Skin Care Products

Lactobionic Acid Pore Shrink Face Serum Hyaluronic Acid Moisturizing Nourish Essence Firming Brighten Korean Skin Care Products

$27.88$33.00 (-16%)

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