Scar Repair Cream Acne Scars Remove Gel Fade Stretch Marks Acnes Spots Burn Surgical Scars Treatment Serum Smooth Body

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*Item Type: Acne Scar Removal Cream Gel.Body Cream.Face Cream
*Feature: Skin care,body cream,facial cream.anti-aging face cream
*Effects: Remove Stretch Marks,Remove Acne Scars, Remove Burn Scars,Remove Surgical Scars
*Fuctions: Repairing.Smoothing.Whitening.Moisturizing.Skin care
★Description:Our Scar Repair Cream help softens and smooth scars, especially those with bumps, bumps, or discoloration. Fades skin imperfections and creates and beautiful skin. After cleansing your skin during the day and night, apply an appropriate amount on your face or body and gently massage until absorbed.


☑lightens scars











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Scar Repair Cream

Item Type





Removal Bruises essence, Removal Scar hyperplasia

Expiration Date

36 months Mild and Effectively Remove Scars

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48 Reviews For This Product

  1. 48

    by Shopper

    I had a knee replacement and knew I needed some kind of scar treatment, so I searched and read the reviews and finally settled on one. I’ve only been using it for a week, but the change in the scars is amazing. The top half of the scar is raised and very hard, and my physiotherapist told me to use the scar treatment twice a day and rub it hard on the raised areas to try and smooth them out. I’ve sent before and after pictures so you can see the difference after 1 week. At this rate, my scars should be invisible in no time!

  2. 48

    by Shopper

    Surgery on the leg. Scars, scar tissue and keloids are significantly reduced. People who saw it after 1 week said it was very reduced and smooth. It helps relieve pain and redness in legs that have lost several layers of skin. It helps relieve raw pain and creates a protective coating to help the heel go faster. So good, I bought a second tube. It’s so much better to use this silicone self-drying scar repair gel when it’s the best on the market.

  3. 48

    by Shopper

    I recently had skin damage removed from my face leaving a three inch scar. There are small raised areas on the scar. I ordered this product and it seems to have an effect on the appearance of the scar. The bumps seemed to subside noticeably within a week. I will continue to use this product as it is as simple as a daily routine and use it twice a day.

  4. 48

    by Shopper

    My face was made in the first half of last year, and the imprint of the nano-crystals fell on my face. At first, my face was very unsightly, and it was difficult to cover it up with liquid foundation. I also unconsciously saw this gel and bought it with the mentality of trying it out. I didn’t expect this to give me the feeling that after a few days of rubbing, there will be obvious results. I will continue to use it myself. Everyone can rest assured to buy it. It is definitely not a care! ! ! ! ! !

  5. 48

    by Shopper

    Scars should be the most difficult to remove, but this scar cream is really useful. I have used it for a month and a half, and the scars have faded a lot, and the hyperplasia has also disappeared. There is no discomfort during use, mild and non-irritating. Side effects, great! !

  6. 48

    by Shopper

    This is the third silicone scar fade product I have tried for my scars. So far I think I’ve seen some improvements. The scar has mostly disappeared and the scar looks less purple. It’s been about 3 weeks. will stick to it.

  7. 48

    by P***v

    I just received the product

  8. 48

    by A***v

    Scar Repair Cream received on the 27st day after payment – Respect to Malaysia Post. Arrived in good condition, I hope it will help me remove the scars on my foot after the operation on varicose Thanks.

  9. 48

    by O***s

    I used it for five days. I had a little scar after removing the wart a week ago when I got the cream. You know how long the scars don’t last and how uncomfortable it is to get rid of them. Scar about 5mm, the skin was red, inflamed and sealed. The cream applied a thin layer twice a day. The edges of the scar became softer and it became lighter in just two days. The pain stopped. I will continue to test the cream, I want to get rid of the scar faster.
    When I wrote the review I received another confirmation of the action of this cream. The son constantly receives the delivery from our cat in the form of scratches on his hands. And they are very bad. It was enough to smear once, immediately got redness and lost inflammation. Recommend.

  10. 48

    by Shopper

    The baby fell and fell with a scar. I saw a lot of good reviews on the Internet. After chatting with the customer service lady, she answered all my questions professionally. I started using it after receiving it. Maybe the child recovered quickly, and it took a while. Diluted a lot, praise!

  11. 48

    by Shopper

    Before, the scar was very high and hard, and the color was darker. After applying this, the color of the scar became lighter, and then it began to soften and redden, like a new growth. I have already applied one, and the situation is very good now. I will definitely repurchase after I use it up. I will insist on using it and try to eliminate it completely. I recommend it to everyone.

  12. 48

    by Shopper

    I have been using this scar cream on my son’s forehead since April 26, 2021. So far, I am very satisfied with this product. The first picture is of the scar as of April 26. The second part is the current photo taken today. So far, this scar cream has done a great job.

  13. 48

    by Shopper

    I don’t know what to expect, I gave it a try due to the high reviews and I was very surprised, that’s why I wrote this review. I thought I had to use it for a month, but only 1 time. My left hand burns multiple times a day for a week, it’s incredible!

  14. 48

    by Shopper

    Herbal weight 20g cream from scar is transparent like a gel. The ingredients – herbs are of very good quality and when applied, you will feel cold. I use it on small scars on my arms and I use it every morning and night. The scars are a little smaller.Logistics sent very fast I recommend!

  15. 48

    by Shopper

    This product is more suitable for me, the ointment is very mild to use, and there is no allergic phenomenon. I have also used a scar removal product before, and the effect is not good enough. I didn’t expect to keep using it, and the effect is really great! This is a silicon scar removal ingredient, the scars are smoothed a lot, the skin feels less rough, and gradually fades

  16. 48

    by Shopper

    I accidentally fell, and I have a physique of scars. I must keep a scar cream like this by my side. The effect of removing hyperplasia is still good. After using it for a while, I feel that it is not so convex, and the color is not as obvious as before. It is really effective. . , the absorption is also very fast. This product is very worth buying, I will continue to use it, and the scars will become lighter and lighter!

  17. 48

    by Shopper

    I have only been using this cream for two weeks and my scars have lost all traces of black and have gotten lighter. Hopefully long-term use will help improve the look!

  18. 48

    by Shopper

    The delivery of the cream is fast, the package is complete, the packaging of the cream is good and smells good, the texture is light and pleasant, absorbs quickly and is not greasy. The effect of one tube is significant, and it is not enough

  19. 48

    by Shopper

    It’s a genuine product, it’s easy to use, and after using it for a month, the scars have faded a lot. Will continue to use it for half a year.

  20. 48

    by Shopper

    The baby has been using it for a week to evaluate. After thyroid surgery, the effect is very good, and the incision is much lighter. I recommend it to a friend. The effect is also obvious after use by a friend. It is worth buying. All five stars

  21. 48

    by Shopper

    It has a transparent gel texture. It is a little sticky when you apply it, but it dries after a few minutes and won’t rub on the collar. The seller also attached the instructions for use very intimately. The effect is very good after a period of use.

  22. 48

    by Shopper

    If there is improvement, I will continue to use it, the word is medical, rest assured, and the product information has been checked and verified, it is genuine, everyone can buy it with confidence.

  23. 48

    by Shopper

    I got scratched and worried about scars. After listening to a friend’s recommendation, I bought this scar cream. After using it for a while, I felt very comfortable and the scars have faded a lot. Great! Big Love! !

  24. 48

    by Shopper

    I’m very happy to see the results after using this scar removal cream. At first I just thought it would fade, the effect should be ideal. The incision was a little deeper and there was a small scar, leaving a long series of scars. Keeping your personality and dignity is really awesome. It has been completely repaired now, I hope to use it again,

  25. 48

    by Shopper

    I have only been using it for a few days, so I can’t evaluate the effect yet. I started using it after a month of laser spotting, and there is 1 hyperplasia, and the others are red marks. I hope it will have an effect.

  26. 48

    by Shopper

    Burns, I have used it for about a week, and it is effective. The surrounding melanin deposits have faded, and the raised and hard scars have been smoothed out, and they are not so hard. I will continue to use them and look forward to recovery.

  27. 48

    by M***a

    I received the parcel, thank you very much, the cream came without damage, I put 5 stars.

  28. 48

    by g***g

    thank you

  29. 48

    by Shopper

    The effect is so good, easy to use, there are no side effects, the scar has faded into the color of the skin, you can’t see the existence of the scar if you don’t look carefully, to be honest, it will take time if this kind of scar needs to be completely removed, but I have a problem with this product. Confidence, judging from the current state, if you stick to it for a while, you will achieve what you want.

  30. 48

    by Shopper

    It took me a while to evaluate it. This scar remover cream is really good. The scars on my knees have gradually faded, and the color is not that deep. I also use some acne marks on my face. I am looking forward to the scars and acne marks. remove

  31. 48

    by Shopper

    The most authentic feedback! I was scalded with boiling water. The deepest part of the scald is two degrees deeper. The light used at the beginning is different, so the color is a bit off, but the part near the ankle in Figure 2 has faded a lot and is a bit close to the skin color. better effect

  32. 48

    by Shopper

    It is very easy to use. It has been used since I made double eyelid three years ago. Now the wound is sutured very well. The surgical scar has not proliferated and has faded a lot.

  33. 48

    by Shopper

    The effect is very good. When I went to play before, I accidentally fell and left a scar after the wound was healed. Fortunately, the scar is a little small. I used it before and the effect was very good. I thought about it, so I’m here again, looking forward to good results

  34. 48

    by Shopper

    I have used it and it matches the online description. I hope it can ease my scars.

  35. 48

    by Shopper

    I was recommended by a colleague. She used it effectively. After receiving the product, she saw that the product was the same as hers, and it should be genuine. After insisting on applying it for a month, the scar has flattened a lot, and it has become smaller, not as red as before. The money and time spent are not in vain, the things are really good, the value of the purchase, continue to use it

  36. 48

    by Shopper

    The mosquito bag on my feet left scars when it was ripped out. I started using this scar removal cream on the recommendation of my friends. I used it immediately after I received it. It felt comfortable to apply, and it was absorbed very quickly. It gradually faded, and gradually returned to normal skin color. The effect is worthy of recognition. Friends in need can enter.

  37. 48

    by J***a

    I arrive very fast is just like in the picture, now it just needs to test the product.

  38. 48

    by Shopper

    This product was recommended to me by my mother-in-law, I injured myself at work and knew immediately it would leave a nasty scar. I am proactive and start using this product once the wound has healed rather than allowing the scars to form and I have seen good results. You can still see some discoloration, but it’s definitely not as bad as I expected. I used this product once a day for about 2 weeks.

  39. 48

    by Shopper

    I’ve been using this product to get rid of surgical scars as well as the dreaded discoloration left by skin irritation from surgical gels. After using it for a month, I can definitely say that my skin discoloration has definitely improved. Scars are not as defined, and removing them completely can be seen as a slow process. I hope after 6 months of full use I will see more results and I can see a little goes a long way through the rest of the tube. I apply the gel after the shower and wait five minutes before getting dressed. It didn’t damage or stain any of my clothes, nor did it smell bad.

  40. 48

    by Shopper

    You can really feel the work. I’m not sure what the outcome of a few months old scar will be. I don’t expect perfection. I believe it will reduce, but not invisible. I am impressed. It’s been half a month and my scars have visibly reduced. Lines are filling. I’ll show the photos anyway, it’s worth every penny.

  41. 48

    by Shopper

    Before I write a review on this product, I want to wait a while. My child had an unfortunate accident and left a cut on her cheek. Since we went to urgent care, I was terrified of how bad the scars would get, and the nurses did a terrible job closing small wounds. It has been cured for about a month and a half. Pray it keeps getting brighter.I would definitely recommend this product to others.

  42. 48

    by Shopper

    But the proof is in these unedited, unfiltered or retouched photos. If you’re looking for a scar gel, I suggest you put your hands down. To get these results I used 1 1/2 tubes and still have half tubes that are no longer in use.

  43. 48

    by Shopper

    I have been using this on my son’s scar for about a month now and I already see a difference! A little goes a long way. If you use too much it will still look purple.

  44. 48

    by Shopper

  45. 48

    by Shopper

    I am very happy with the results after 4 uses. I use the gel two to three times a day. The gel is not sticky, has almost no smell and feels very moisturizing. A little dab goes a long way. I like that it stays clear and dries within 10 minutes, I did notice a little redness on the first massage, but that’s true with any type of massage, I’m 70 years old and have a lot of sunburn and thinning skin. I have many battle scars to compare the healing of these areas and so far I am very impressed with this product.

  46. 48

    by Shopper

    It was so bad that I was left with a big deep hole in my nose. Plastic surgeons did a flap, but it was painful and scary. The picture on the left is the first day of stitches removal. The right side is better after a month and after 3 weeks of using the scar gel. It helps with massage, which is the most important thing, but it obviously turns a good thing into a bad thing. I also bite I bought another product that has a ball in it that I hate. This is a better product.

  47. 48

    by Shopper

    I had upper and lower eyelid surgery about 8 weeks ago and learned that silicone scar gel is best after scabbing. I bought this gel and used it for about 2 weeks and noticed a noticeable difference in redness and scarring at the sutures. I highly recommend this gel and will continue to use it. I have also been applying it on older scars and will update the status after more time to see if there is an improvement.

  48. 48

    by Shopper

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Scar Repair Cream Acne Scars Remove Gel Fade Stretch Marks Acnes Spots Burn Surgical Scars Treatment Serum Smooth Body

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