Water Flosser Teeth Type Nozzle Cleaner Oral Irrigator Type-c Rechargeable Cleaner modes Water Tank Removeable


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In spite of Normal toothbrushing in the morning and evening, 40% of the blind areas in the mouth are still dirty to clean

● Can be brushed to the surface, difficult to brush to the cleaning blind spot
● Dental plaque accumulation: stimulating redness of gingiva, causing dental caries
● The braces hide dirt: bacteria breed, breath bad

● Strong pulse water flow, 0.6mm of fine pulsed water will penetrate into the crevices of teeth, flush away food residues, and a hygienic and clean oral environment can effectively prevent dental plaque and other oral problems.

● 3 modes with 7 gears, best for different conditions of teeth, intensity selection mode matches different tooth states, more protection for gums from bleeding.

● People with sensitive teeth, soreness and pain, and those who are afraid of hurting their teeth, need the gum protection mode (weak, medium and strong intensity) + periodontal pocket nozzle).

● Braces gap is blocked, and stubborn stain is difficult to clean, point shooting mode+ orthodontic nozzle.

Essentials for those wearing braces, equipped with a fine-bristle brush, which is combined with scouring to clean the gaps between the braces without leaving bacteria

Thick and greasy tongue coating, troubled breath, gum protection mode (weak, medium and strong intensity) + tongue coating nozzle

● The built-in smart chip precisely controls pressure and provides stable water flow in 0.66mm fine pulse water flow, penetrating into teeth gaps and easily removing dental residues and dirt.
● 1300 pulsed power per minute, stable flushing of tooth dirt.

● 240mL detachable water tank for hygiene and deep cleaning. High-capacity water tanks, eliminating the need for frequent water additions

● Detachable water tank,easy to clean: The water tank is not washed frequently, and if the tank is not cleaned for a long time, a transparent, sticky and slippery film will form on the cup wall. This layer of material is the residue after the death of bacteria.

● Equipped with nozzle storage box, easy to store, clean and hygienic. There will be a lot of invisible “stains” in the air. After being placed in the air for a long time, the nozzle is easy to adhere to bacteria. Diseases come in from the mouth. The Soocas oral irrigator is intimately equipped with a nozzle storage box to keep the nozzle clean and hygienic at all times.

● Long endurance of 80 days for convenient travel without frequent charging
● PX7 waterproof and can be washed all over to keep clean.
● Curved handle design is lighter and more comfortable to hold.
● 360° rotatable nozzle, deep into the mouth in all directions, more flexible to use.

● Passed the FDA food grade material safety certification, material selection safety is guaranteed, available for pregnant women and children

How do you use it:

1. Install the nozzle, fill with water, and select a mode before powering on.
2. The nozzle is perpendicular to the gum line, and slightly close the mouth; the intensity can be adjusted after turning on.

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Water Flosser Teeth Type Nozzle Cleaner Oral Irrigator Type-c Rechargeable Cleaner modes Water Tank Removeable